As a panel member of Voices Africa, you get to be rewarded for voicing your opinion. You get to earn voice points on registration, and each time you complete an online or telephone survey. You can then redeem your accumulated voice points for cash.


Voice points are awarded 24 to 36 hours after successful registration or completion of a survey, and are rewarded as follows:

  • 500 bonus voice points for completing registration
  • 1,000 – 5,000 voice points each time you participate and complete a survey
  • 1000 voice points will be redeemed for an equivalent US$ 1
  • Minimum redeemable voice points are 5,000
  • On verifying your identity, cash redeemed claims will be sent to the panel member via electronic money

Panelists can register only once. Any attempts for multiple registrations will be screened out, resulting into de-registration and forfeiture of voice points previously earned.

What Members Say

My experience so far is great. I am happy that there is a place my opinion on issues affecting my country counts. It's not every day that your voice is heard by the respective institutions but VoicesAfrica has provided a portal where I can directly give my thoughts.

Margaret Kanana