New survey available; check your mail!

New survey available; check your mail!



If you are a consumer you qualify to sign up for free, participate and get rewarded for your opinion. By being a panel member, you help influence how products and services that you use every day will be made, developed and made available.


How it Works

On signing up, Voices Africa will send invitations to you on a regular basis to participate in select surveys via internet or telephone. From your registration details, a ‘personal webpage’ account is generated with your unique username and password. This will help you track surveys you have participated in and voice points earned when you complete each survey you participate in.

Accumulated voice points can be redeemed for cash. You also get the opportunity to view results of some surveys you have contributed to here.

Information provided, your identity and individual profile details are kept completely confidential. Please refer to the Privacy Reassurance Policy for further details.

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Thank you for giving people a chance to speak out on what is affecting them and their countries.

Eve Ntara

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